Free Video Poker Tournaments: Get Prepared To Win

Casino slot and table game tournaments attract numerous avid casino players daily. Whenever organized by credible casinos or gambling sites, the tournaments provide a good opportunity to win a decent sum of money. During such online events, gamblers try their skills and luck against not only the casino house but also gamblers from various countries. Additionally, one can launch video poker in online tournaments, too. Nowadays, we can differentiate the following types of video poker tournaments:

  1. Buy-in tournaments – players pay the entrance fee and can only lose that money in case of losing the game;
  2. Freerolls – during these tournaments, the players don’t pay any money for the entrance and anyone can enter these events. As a result, too many participants join in and the winning is only used to build up the betting bankroll;
  3. Invitation tournaments – such events are organized for an exclusive group of people with a VIP status who join in having an exclusive invitation.

These were the major types of video poker tournaments. Now let’s get down to other crucial points.

The Best Strategy To Win On Video Poker Tournaments

Quite often, gamblers mistakenly think that by mastering a certain poker strategy they can successfully utilize it during an online tournament. Surely, you can use your knowledge but that will drastically slim your chances of winning the event. Therefore, the best way to win in these events is to pick a working strategy for a video poker tournament. Here are some to start with.

Playing For Speed

To utilize this strategy a player doesn’t have to have any profound knowledge of the game. All that’s needed is playing the hands quickly. Just aim at playing as many hands before the time limit runs out as possible. During this time, you develop your skills of making the best decisions in a quick manner owing to this strategy. It works the best in timed video poker tournaments.

Focusing On The Ideal Strategy

If you don’t like making quick decisions, you’d better stick to tournaments with credit and hand limits. This way you get a fair chance to play every hand you get perfectly. One of the best strategies to implement here is the basic 8/5 Bonus Poker strategy.

Playing For Royal Flushes

Getting a Royal Flush in poker has quite low odds – 40, 000:1. To improve the odds up to 23,000:1, keep only those cards that can help you to form a Royal Flush. If not good enough for ordinary poker games, this strategy is the only way of winning a big video poker tournament.

2020 Schedule For Las Vegas Video Poker Tournament

To ensure your place in one of the upcoming video poker tournaments, be informed of the schedule ahead. Here is the most accurate schedule for the WSOP 2020 video poker tournaments Las Vegas:

  • 2020 DeepStack Extravaganza IV – till Nov 29, 2020, at Venetian Hotel and Casino;
  • 2020 Pearl River Poker Open – till Nov 22, 2020, at Pearl River Resort;
  • 2020 World Series of Poker – till Dec 30, 2020 on Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino;
  • 2020 Thanksgiving Special – till Nov 29, 2020, at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood;
  • 2020 Fall Frenzy II – till Nov 22, 2020, at bestbet Jacksonville.

These were the best video poker tournaments you can still manage to get a buy-in.

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