Real Money Video poker is a game of luck and intelligence

Real money Video poker is a software version of the classic five-card poker with an exchange of cards. Like the board game, the main goal of the online player is to collect the best combination on the hand. The only difference is that there is no opponent in this game – the collected winning combination is paid immediately.

Video poker real money – The main advantages

Real Money Video Poker slots appeared in the mid-1970s as an alternative to the real game at the card table. Their main essence and task was to teach the rules of the game of poker and card combinations. This is exactly what the players liked, ensuring the simplicity of the popularity of these machines. At the same time, real money video poker has a lot of advantages:

  • low entry threshold, in contrast to rates and blinds at a real table;
  • in order to play, you do not need to look for partners;
  • the game is fast and dynamic.

In addition, you can learn to play without spending your own funds at all. All you need to do is choose a gaming club where you can play for free without registration.

Varieties of real money video poker games

Today, many manufacturers produce slot machines that implement various types of games. Their names, as a rule, reflect the characteristics that characterize each video poker. These include

  • Paid combinations. Unlike table games, not all combinations known in poker are paid in an online game. For example, in the popular variant of Jacks Or Better, you need to have at least a pair of jacks in order to receive payment on hand.
  • The presence of “Wild” cards. Various options involve playing with a deck with or without jokers. In addition, other cards (Wild), for example, deuces in Deuses Wild, can perform functions similar to jokers. As a result, additional paid combinations may appear.
  • The number of hands on which the game is being played. Conventional slot machines only support one hand. Among the models with improved characteristics, there are those where you can play simultaneously on 2, 5 and even 100 hands.

Slot machine can also differ in pay rates for each combination. There are also models that will allow you to play in the system with a cumulative jackpot.

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