NERT Goals and Values

The following goals have been adopted by the NERT Network:

* Support Grassroots Groups by providing resources and inspiration to tackle issues like burnout, leadership, capacity, expectation-setting, and organizing. Help groups and individuals realize that they are not alone in this work

* Support Inter-Connectivity, both among grassroots groups and with other kindred networks, such as Food Solutions New England, New England Local Energy Network, PINE, etc

* Articulate a Common Story that conveys our vision for a joyful, inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future, despite threats of climate change, resource shortages, and inequities

* Create a sense of “Network Self-Awareness” among resilience, Transition, and other grassroots groups in New England

* Become “more than the sum of our parts” in order to enhance the resilience of the region as a whole

The following values have been adopted by the Regional Organizing Committee:


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