The New England Resilience & Transition Network is a Network for Grassroots Groups Working On Community Resilience, Transition, the New Economy, Permaculture, Renewable Local Energy, Local Food, Sustainability, Environmental Justice, Time Banking, and More!

NERT’s goal is to support and inspire its grassroots members through inter-connection, resource sharing, and more. Read more about our goals here.

By filling out the form below, your group will show up on the NERT map, and you will receive occasional email updates. To contact members of NERT directly, use the listserv. To help shape the network, get in touch with the ROCkers (Regional Organizing Committee).

2 thoughts on “JOIN NERT!

  1. I am not representing a group, so have not addressed the questions regarding “group,” but have been an activist for about 50 years. I do have ideas and some energy remaining. I like your orientation and would like to be contacted as an individual without all the “group” baggage. I doubt if I am alone in this. Try again, please. Jon


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