NERT Advisors

NERT Advisors are people doing innovative and important work to advance community resilience and/or the new economy in New England or beyond.

NERT Advisors play an essential role in keeping NERT connected with other kindred networks around the region, helping uncover synergies in our networks and opportunities for shared action. Together, we are advancing the greater movement for justice, equity and sustainability in New England.

  • Molly Anderson, Food Solutions New England & William R. Kenan Professor of Food Studies at Middlebury College
  • Lynn Benander, Co-op Power
  • Chuck Collins, Program on Inequality and the Common Good, Institute for Policy Studies
  • Niaz Dorry, Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance
  • Carlos Espinoza Toro, The Equity Collaborative
  • Gwendolyn Hallsmith, Vermonters for a New Economy
  • Linda Hogan, hOurworld Cooperative
  • Gloria LeBrecque, Cooperative Fund of New England
  • Elena M. Mihaly, Conservation Law Foundation
  • Asher Miller, Executive Director of the Post Carbon Institute
  • Marissa Mommaerts, Transition US
  • Mike Sandmel, New Economy Coalition
  • Gabriel Shapiro, Sugar Shack Alliance